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Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by PacificNorth, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. PacificNorth

    PacificNorth New Member

    I just wanted to share two great news:

    First, El Salvador will be hosting the 7th annual Routes Americas event in early 2014. For those who don't know, the Routes Americas event is the largest commercial aviation event for the entire Americas region, so it's a great deal being hosted in El Salvador.

    Second, the Government of El Salvador is going to invest a lot of money in the modernization of the main airport.
  2. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    That's really great news. Will the Routes Americas event be something that spectators will come and watch or is it just for pilots?

    A modern airport is a good thing to. I was just reading about all the revitlizations to the Kingston, Jamaica, airport. It's making it easier for the airlines and passengers. Andy time it's easier to fly, that's a good thing!
  3. PacificNorth

    PacificNorth New Member

    it's an event just for the aviation industry leaders but it's great for all of us because it will mean more airlines wanted to base themselves there...therefore, meaning cheaper flights to Panama and neighboring countries.

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