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    Hi guys,

    Can you guys share some advice on Granada travel and tours? We're planning a trip to Nicaragua and Granada is a possibility. What can we expect there?
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    hi there,

    The first reaction of most people experiencing Granada travel is how relaxed the pace of life is in the city. You will see people from all walks of life strolling the palm-tree-lined streets and children playing in the cobblestone squares.

    Residents of Granada are extremely friendly and welcoming, so feel free to learn more about the history of Nicaragua and Granada by engaging in a conversation with the locals.

    There are many Nicaragua tours available that specialize in exploring the country' volcanoes and beaches.

    For instance, you can take a Mambacho Canopy Tour and trek around the volcano with the safety of a harness. The tour also includes a trip to a coffee farm, a horse-back ride, and a bird-watching tour where you'll see hundreds of different species of birds such as the parakeet and toucan.

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