Grand Canyon National Park

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    Im after some information of Utah and the national park. I wanted ideas on the grand canyon tours and information too please.

    Many Thanks
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    Hi Jack,

    Utah offers an splendid array of natural attractions and outdoor activities which draws millions of people every year.

    The Rocky Mountain region of Utah is home to the rugged peaks, majestic pines and deep blue lakes that have inspired a good deal of travel in Utah. This is where a majority of the state’s residents reside. The Wasatch Front in the Rocky Mountain region extends from Logan to Provo. This highly diverse area entices many people to travel in Utah for a variety of reasons.

    A tour of the Grand Canyon can be done in many ways:

    * A helicopter tour
    * A Rafting trip
    * Hike by foot or horseback
    * A Bus tour

    Whichever way, you choose to tour the Grand Canyon National Park, you will get a different perspective, so it is worth trying out a few of them.

    If you are planning to stay near the Canyon, there are plenty of hotels as well as other types of accommodations. However, if you want to stay at the North Rim, the Grand Canyon Lodge is your only lodging option.

    Hope this helps
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    The South Rim at GCNP has more facilities, but I like the North Rim better less crowded and more remote. You can do helicopter tours at the South Rim and mule tours on either. Hiking is great on either and there are guided hiking services if you want a more informative hike.

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