Grand Cayman weather And Best Time To Visit

Discussion in 'Cayman Islands' started by butterflii, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. butterflii

    butterflii New Member

    The nicest time to visit Grand Cayman is during the winter months (November to March), though keep in mind that during the evening the weather tends to get cooler so bring a light jacket or sweater with you. The summer months (May to October) are also a good time but it rains a lot, the sun is very hot and humidity is very high.
  2. richardMarx

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    I did a last minute trip to Grand Cayman for two weeks between Dec and Jan last year and weather was good with nice warm water. If I remember well, the average high was 83 degrees and the average low was about 75 degrees in December...
  3. purpleJohn

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    Sting Ray City is a must in Grand Cayman as well as 7 mile beach, which you can easily get to by taxi. In fact, if you visiting on a cruise it's best you catch a taxi from the harbor to the beach than take up the tour option of the cruise which is ridiculously expensive.

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