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Discussion in 'Australia' started by wanderer, Nov 11, 2011.

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    So travel experts, tell me more about where to find the Great Barrier Reef. I know it's located along the eastern coast of Australia. How close is it to Sydney?
  2. wanderer

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    You can find an interactive map on Destination360's website. The Great Barrier Reef isn't all that close to's way north of there--about 800 miles apart. You might want o plan some days to make the drive or you could take a flight to Cairns. Here is the link to the useful map.
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    getting to Great Barrier Reef from Sydney

    yes, that's right! it's located along the eastern coast of Australia, just off the northeast coast of the Australian state of Queensland. Believe it or not, you can get to the Great Barrier Reef on the train, though it’s not cheap or fast. From Sydney you have to take a 14-hour train journey to Brisbane, where you’ll spend part of a day and then change to Cairns, which takes about another full day, so the entire journey takes about 2 days, including half a day waiting in Brisbane.
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    Great Barrier Reef dive

    I can tell you that the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world. I haven't dived there, but I have snorkeled there many times and the snorkeling is excellent. You will easily see a lot of coral, fish, and clams and maybe even turtles and rays.

    Btw, as weather is concerned August is a fine time to go snorkeling at the GBR. It can be windy sometimes at that time of year though, but you should be able to book a trip on a day with less wind if you are in the area for several days.
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    Great Barrier Reef tours

    if you are traveling to Cairns from Sydney for a day trip I definitely suggest doing the GBR tour. However,the only day GBR trip out of Cairns is to Green Island, which is a lovely little rainforested coral cay island. It's further from the mainland but you will see more marine life on the reefs than anywhere else. Also, if you do decide on Green Island, you can go with Big Cat tours or Great Adventures.
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    going to the Great Barrier Reef

    If you’re heading to the Great Barrier Reef, prepare yourself for the adventure of your life. I went right after college after saving up for years, and it was completely worth it. Even though I made the journey by myself, I know that a trip to the Great Barrier Reef would be perfect for couples and families too.
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    That's so exciting...totally worth it as a reward for all your hard work and savings. :)

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