Great Basin National Park

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    With a name like Great Basin National Park, you have to know you're in for some spectacular scenery. The biggest national park in the state does live up to its name. It's located near Baker and has a nice mix of scenery. Here, you'll find alpine lakes, high-mountain scenery, limestone caverns, and even Mount Wheeler. A paved route encircles the mountain, so you can still enjoy the views if you're not a climber. If you're wondering where Baker is, it's on the state line by Utah in central Nevada.
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    some folks claim that Death Valley NP is the largest..either way, Great Basin NP is beautiful, though kind hard to get to if you know what I mean. Still, the drive there is worth it especially at during a full moon to join a ranger-led "full moon hike excursion.
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    This is such a surprise for Nevada. I thought there was nothing to Nevada but neon and desert, but this is a lush place. Summer is probably the best time to visit since there's so much going on. The rangers keep you busy during the day at night with programs and tours of Lehman Caves.
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    hiking at Great Basin National Park

    same here! I also thought Nevada was desert and Vegas but no there's much more. I was recommended to tour the Lehman Caves at Great Basin but the park itself blew me away. The park is remote but the surroundings are beautiful. If you're into hiking you gotta hike the Bristlecone and Glacier trails which are at around 10,000ft above sea-level!

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