Great GoogaMooga Festival (Brooklyn)

Discussion in 'New York' started by mitraveler, May 21, 2012.

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    Another May festival proves that May is a great time to visit Prospect Park. Few places in the city have more room for a festival. This one involves good food, live music and lots of fun. May's a great time to get outside and explore.

    With one successful festival under its belt, the festival will return to Prospect Park, one of the top things to do in Brooklyn.
  2. mitraveler

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    The festival is coming back this might have heard in the news that last year's festival had some long lines and other hiccups. The organizers have tried hard to work out the kinds and make the festival even better and easier to enjoy this year.

    The festival, May 17–19, will fill three days with food (85 New York restaturants are providing food), and 20 indie music acts are slated to perform.
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    you can get free tickets for the general admission giveaway on Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th. From April 1st at noon, you can register for the free tickets for either Saturday or Sunday so you will need to choose which day you’d like to attend when you register.
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    Great GoogaMooga Festival free tickets

    i hope the organize this event better..last year's entire experience was terrible because the organizers sold out more tickets than they should've, which meant huge overcrowding issues. By the way, I don't know if ya'll know but if you buy tickets for the Friday concert, you will get a free ticket for Saturday or Sunday.

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