Great Sand Dunes fee hike

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by Danny, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    The price of admission at Great Sand Dunes is may rise to $10 per person, which would be $7 up from the current rate of just $3. They also may scrap the flat vehicle rate, while the cost of an annual pass may increase from $15 to $40. None of this is a done deal, but I have a feeling that it will go through. what are your thoughts on Great Sand Dunes fee hike?
  2. BeorNot2be

    BeorNot2be New Member

    I heard of this proposal. They want to roll it out nation-wide to all national parks. The excuse that I heard for the increase of park fees is the coming NPS 100th anniversary in 2016. If anything, they should lower the fees. An increase for this event does not make sense.
  3. TmaszAdam

    TmaszAdam New Member

    That maybe so..but, the increases are not outlandish. the likes of Disney increases their fees much more regularly and higher. If families can afford Disney trips or spend a couple of hundred to go to a minor league ball game, I do see national parks fee hikes being unreasonable at all.


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