Great Wall of China

Discussion in 'China' started by VacationBuddy, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. VacationBuddy

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    The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World that never fails to fascinate tourists.

    If you intend to do a tour of the Great Wall, Huanghua is the best place to start as it has one of the best preserved section of the wall. Here it's a Great Wall Photo of one of the sections.

  2. mitraveler

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    What's amazing to me is how the wall is! Even with today's equipment, it would be difficult to work on such a big project. But they started building the wall as early as the 7th century B.C. The Great Wall history is so fascinating!
  3. us4elec

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    Hi everyone,

    I am traveling to Beijing in early July and want to take a day trip to see the Great Wall of China. Has anyone been to it? which part of the wall did you visit? Any suggestions?

  4. Danny

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    I believe the Badaling section of the Great Wall is the most visited section of the Great Wall of China. Having said this, I'd avoid visiting the Badaling section because it's way too touristy and refurbished. To really get a tasty of this magnificent wonder, you want to visit the section of the Great Wall referred to as the "secret"'s pretty much untouched for more than 500 years.
  5. Kongenavtys

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    I don´t find it as good as people say it is. But then again, I´m more into nature stuff than human-made "wonders".
  6. Ben Silkroadtrips

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    It is nice to hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing, nice hiking, few people. Travel to China.
  7. JenniferB

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    I went to Badaling. Definitely VERY crowded. But there are some nice spots were you see the wall going up and down on the hills which is very impressive.
  8. brawnmonda

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    The Great Wall of China is the one the artificial wonders of the world which symbolizes the greatness of China.

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