Great White cage diving

Discussion in 'Australia' started by CindyF, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. CindyF

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    I'd like to go scuba diving safely from a diver's cage in the presence of Great Whites.

    Any good advices on:
    which shark bureau
    when to go
    who to travel with

    Anything would be nice :)

  2. ftuley

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    Global Adrenaline's "Great White Shark Diving" excursion offers you the opportunity to become one of the world's few divers that have actually come face-to-face with the ocean's ultimate predator. Many of the world's foremost divers and adventurers have acclaimed our "Great White Shark Diving" expeditions as the pinnacle of their diving careers. "Great White Shark Diving" adventure is organized by Rodney Fox , the world's leading exponent of Great White Shark expeditions. Since narrowly escaping death from the jaws of a Great White in 1963, Rodney and his son, Andrew, have led over 150 expeditions to the Neptune Islands off Adelaide, South Australia. This illustrious pair has also been involved in no less than 54 major Great White Shark film documentaries. The focus of this expedition is, of course, on maximizing the amount of time we have photographing and observing the Great Whites. Over the past thirty years, Rodney Fox's expeditions have enjoyed a 94%* success rate, including early season trips. Last season, sharks ranging in size from 10 feet to 17 feet were observed and photographed with a 100% success rate.
    Experience Required
    You must be a certified diver to participate in this expedition. Certification can be arranged immediately before the tour for divers arriving a few days early. Cage diving generally requires that no fins to be worn, and the BCD's and snorkels are optional. It is generally not a tremendously physically-demanding endeavor. Instructors can often provide supervised introductory scuba dives or snorkeling to non-divers on most dates. There are so many places you can look up, there is also Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia Ningaloo Reef fringes Western Australia's coast from Shark Bay north to the Cape Range peninsula. Diving activities centre around Exmouth (1300 km from Perth) and Coral Bay (100 km south of Exmouth).
    Click on this links Scuba Diving in Australia and Things To Do in Australia. All the best.
  3. garrys

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    There are lots of places to dive with sharks in Australia. Port Lincoln, Adelaide has Rodney Fox tours which is a quite expansive experience and takes at least 3 days. Also at Port Lincoln is calypso star charters which will only take 1 day and be a little less expansive.

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