Great Wolf Lodge and Waterpark

Discussion in 'North Carolina' started by Vicolette, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Here's a great place to spend winter vacation and still enjoy splashing around in the pool, waterfalls, tubes, and assorted other wet and wild rides and water activities. Great Wolf Lodge is located in Concord about 26 miles north of Charlotte. Check here for a listing of other states with the same fun-filled 84-degree indoor waterpark where there's something for everyone of all ages.
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    Great Wolf not so great in winter

    I have been there a few times, one of them in December. The park is fun but expect the water temperature of the waterpark to be on the cold side, which won't make it a nice experience. In fact, one of my nephews came down with a cold because of it. I'd also suggest to avoid the the food there because it is not nice plus it's over priced. There are lots of places to eat you can go for lunch, just a few mins down the road from the park.
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    Thanks for the information. Always good to know about things to expect and look out for so you can be prepared. NC is one of my favorite vacation destinations. So much going on!

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