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  1. annie2

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    Am planning a week in Greece and wanted to know which resort area has the best long sandy beaches.
    Want to go all-inclusive so would like a hotel with a long sandy beach just outside. Thanks for any replies.
  2. ftuley

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    Determining what are the "best" beaches of Greece is obviously a subjective affair.
    Some beaches are well organized and offer many luxuries, while others are very secluded and isolated. Some offer clear water, some perfectly soft sand, while others are framed by incredible landscape.
    I believe this are the top-five best beaches of Greece
    Sarakiniko (in Elafonisos Island, Peloponnese)
    Simos beach is right around the corner and just as great of a beach! For such a tiny island, Elafonisos at the Southern end of Peloponnese offers three of the best beaches of Greece (Panagia beach is the third one), and just about the best looking water in the world.
    Egremnoi (Lefkada)-One of the best kept secrets of Greece. Beautiful scenery, crystal clear turquoise water, and soft white coarse sand make this beach one of the best to visit. Its out-of-the-way location on the West coast of Lefkada, and the thousand make-shift concrete steps down (and then up), separate the huge crowds from this beach. Excellent by all measures.
    Myrtos (Kefalonia) was voted as the best beach of Greece a few years ago, and for good reason. Fantastic water and bright-white pebbles, nested among steep cliffs on the west coast of Kefalonia.
    Erimoupolis (Crete) Nested between rugged rocks and an ancient cemetery, Erimoupolis is named after the "abandoned town" of Itanos, the ruins of which you have to pass on your way to the beach. Although the beach gets too crowded during the weekends, it is a joy to visit during weekdays.
    And Myrtidiotissa (Corfu) the road to Myrtidiotissa is a real hazard for any car, so travelers have to park high up the hill near the monastery of Myrtidiotissa, and then walk down about a kilometer of dirt road. The water is crystal-clear, and the strip of soft brown sand is sheltered by tall cliffs on all sides. This small beach tends to feel overcrowded during full season, but a real pleasure early in the summer.
    Hotels by the beach here is one you would like-Iberostar Creta Panorama, this hotel is located near a small village named Palermo, and close to the city of Rethymon. This is a good hotels Crete choice both for families and couples. It has a large main pool with a swim-up bar and the buffet restaurant offers food that everyone will love, not to mention beer and wine taps. You will have a great time!

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    Contiki Resorts and Tours

    So I've heard that the beaches in Mykonos are really amazing... I'm thinking of staying at a hotel called the Contiki Mykonos Resort in April - I went on a Contiki European tour last summer and it was really amazing, so I figure I'll check out the resort too :)
  4. alex15

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    Re: Contiki Resorts and Tours

    I would also like to go there.
  5. homeg32

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    hi,we're cruising to Mykonos and only be there for 8 hours,what should we do during this short period of time?? we're newly married and would like to have a romantic dinner during sunset somewhere on the coast.any suggestions?thank you.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    hi, I suggest take the bus and go to platis gialos beach, it is a very nice beach with crystal clear water and sandy. This beach is situated 4.5 km, south-east of Mykonos. This is an area where you can spend your short period of time may be 3-4 hours and then take the bus back. Most of the buses run every 30 minutes to and from the beach and town. When you get back to town, just walk through all of the small streets and watch the windmills and little churchs. It can be done in 3 hours including dinner.. If you go inside the 2 or 3 stores, you will have seen everything that all the stores have, so no need to look around all the stores.

    Hope this would help you plan your activity for 8 hrs in Mykonos, have a nice day!
  7. homeg32

    homeg32 New Member

    hello Andrew, many thanks for the helpful advice. looking for some more information... as I already mentioned, we are newly married and like to have a nice romantic dinner, any recs for dinner with special arrangements for couples?
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator


    I suggest the following 2 popular Mykonos restaurants in which you can enjoy some of the delicious food of Mykonos Island:

    1. Avra Garden Restaurant - It is located in the midddle of Mykonos and you can choose between the busy front street-terrace or the beautiful private garden perfect for warm summer nights. Better choose the private garden, it has romantic choices. If you like to have some drink then there is a small bar is also available where cocktails or aperitifs can be enjoyed. They are located in Kalogera str.84600 Mykonos and for reservations call (+ 30) 22890 22298.

    2. Eva's Garden Restaurant - It is located very near to Avra reastaurant and has beautiful garden setting, just call them on 22890-22160 and book your table.

    Choose one of the above and have a romantic dinner and getaway!

    In addition visit Greek Dining page to get some more information about dining in Greece.
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    Last year during my Mykonos visit, I had a wonderful early evening dinner in Tasos traditional beach taverna. The wine selection was very good and their service was impressive. It's a beach restaurant overlooking the scenic Paraga bay area, i think it is a good place to have your dinner with your wife. Prices are reasonable and you can have fresh sea food dishes including local seasonal delicacies such as shell fish, octapus and sea urchen, as well as meat and vegetarian meals. You will get good selection of regional wines including a popular vintage produced here on the island. They are located in Paraga Beach and their phone number is 2289 0 23002. best of luck:))

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