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    what places to visit would you recommend on a trip to Greenwich Connecticut? I would appreciate some ideas please! thanks very much.
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    Hi there,

    The city of Greenwich in Connecticut is the perfect gateway if you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful place which offers great shopping facilities and great restaurants to eat out, such as the ones found in downtown Greenwich at Greenwich Avenue.

    To get the best out of Greenwich, it is advisable to book a tour. Having said this, some places of interest are the:

    * The Putnam Cottage which offers tours on weekends and by appointment as well. It is a great place to explore and get a feel of how the city would have been a few hundred years ago.

    * The Bruce Museum is an excellent educational place for everyone, specially kids, which offers diferent exhibits every month.

    * Visit the Old Greenwich part of town which offers leisure parks where you can relax or simply enjoy a picnic.

    * The Belle Haven peninsula, which is one of Connecticut’s most popular attraction because of its location on the Long Island Sound and because of the wonderful scenery.


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