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Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by troyan, Jun 26, 2009.

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    hi guys,

    we'll be on our trip to Greenwich soon and we have kids with us..what attractions and things to do u can suggest..?
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    hi there,

    A great thing to do during your Greenwich trip is stroll by the Greenwich Avenue in downtown Greenwich, which is home to upscale shopping and dining options with a small town feel. Along with high-end clothing boutiques and specialty stores, this shopping area also features many antique shops.

    For your kids, I recommend a visit to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich Connecticut as they will get a chance to learn about marine animals and mountain lions.

    The exhibits at the museum change almost monthly, with the exception of the museum's permanent exhibit, so it might be a good idea to check with the museum to see what types of exhibits are coming up.
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    Nice Post, i had seen the site which you said above and you can find good and valuable information.

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    Your said above words are true. Greenwhich avenue is a place of collection of colorful boutiques. I visit the place with my family and children, they are enjoy a lot by seeing of Museum and tourist places where as in museum inside collection of different arts and scientific items for children and also we are seen marine animals and mountain lions in the museum.

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