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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Transportation: getting there and around' started by Jringo, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Jringo

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    One of the funnest times was taking a charter bus to the south rim with a large group. I know many of us americans like to be left alone, in our own little corner but going with a large group and actually making new friends added greatly to the trip. Our bus had a nice bus with movies and leather seats. the ride there was 5.5 hours one way and back. lots of driving for 1 day but seen so much along the way including Route 66
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    so the bus excursion the grand canyon is worth the money?
    you are driving 11 hours?
    can you tell me how long you spend time at the canyon ?
    what time did the bus leave, and return at the hotel?

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