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    My kids are mighty excited about going to Guam and seeing the Guam Animals. They wish to know what are all the animals they would be likely to see there, and if they will get to them in open sanctuaries or zoos. They wonder if it is possible to see them in closure and take photos. And also they are doing vacation project on Guam Animals and it would help to have some knowledge of them even before they visit. So, if anyone has time to share their experiences, I would really appreciate it.
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    Guam is a popular destination having historical landmarks and offering numerous sights of interest. During my visit to Guam with my family, the Cushing Zoo located in Tumon provided us the opportunity to see the native plant and animal life of Guam. We saw a leopard, crocodile and other creatures. You can take photographs of the excellent creatures. We enjoyed the under water world which is home to about wide range of animals including sea turtles, rays, sharks and one 500-pound grouper. Your children will definitely enjoy the shark feeding and don't forget to take your children to the touch pool, which includes an opportunity to touch a small shark and other creatures. May be it will help your children to do their vacation project. We also had that chance to touch the cute little sharks. There was also the Sling Shot ride for the adventurous types and all of us were really enjoyed it. Have a nice trip!
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    I read your post on inquiring about seeing Guam animals.
    There is a local zoo in Tumon that allows children to see
    many, but not all of the local animals up close. The zoo
    is located on Matapang Beach and is behind the Holiday in
    hotel. The Guam Zoo has many animals such as, local fish in a large aquarium, moray eel, Turtles, differents kids of birds, local pigs, sharks, 1 ostrich, 1 leopard, pea****s, rabbits, crocodile's, alligator's and more! It is a very very small zoo and it locally owned. When and if your there ask them to
    give you animal feed and ask if they could feed the sharks.
    They might charge extra.

    The Guam bird, the Koko bird is endangered and is not featured in any of the zoo's but if you go to the Department of Agriculture they will be happy to make you see one!

    There also is a botanical garden and mini-zoo in Tumon called
    Isla Garden and it is located across the Okura Hotel.
    This is much cleaner and better than the Guam Zoo but
    lacks the animals that the other zoo has. It also has
    a jungle walk and much more! They also have a mini-mart
    inside the zoo.

    There is also another zoo down south called the Cushing Zoo,
    Ive never been there so youll have to call around and find
    out where its at.

    If you would like to know more email me at

    Thank you.
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    I love reading about animals around the world. What would you say is the best place to see the animals in the wild?
  5. cheeba22

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    Africa has to be one of the best places

    In the US, Safari West in Sonoma County, California is a nice place to see animals in the wild since most of the wildlife live in native surroundings. Saying this, I think Africa has to be one of the best can do african safaris or rent a 4x4 to explore the bush of a reserve if you don't want a guide, or luxury lodges, or the rest of the hassle that comes with booking a an African safari.
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    how about Costa Rica for wildlife?

    I agree Africa is an amazing place to see about Costa Rica? Costa Rica has an incredible diversity of fauna and flora and you can enjoy a ton of eco-tourism and wildlife tours. Watching turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, or howler Monkeys swinging through the jungle canopy has to be an amazing experience!
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    Okay, that does sound amazing! Thanks for your reply, iseelop!
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    Don't forget that diving is another great way to see some amazing animals. Once you dip below the surface, you'll find a whole new world, one will filled with creatures that are nothing like you'd find on the surface. The Guam diving scene is pretty interesting.

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