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Discussion in 'Guam' started by lista, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Hello, please give me the name of good Guam Hotel with reasonably priced rooms and offer good breakfast. I need some basic comforts without being a drain on my pocket. Can anyone suggest that how far in advance do I book rooms? Any season discounts available? If so when? Open to all suggestions.
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    There are many cheap hotels, bed and breakfasts are available in Guam and if you go for a cheaper budget then better choose one of the bed and breakfast hotels. I have visited Guam for about 3 times and I always preferred Guam Garden Villa because of its hospitality and nice breakfast. It is a good accommodation choice for you where you can find private bedroom, guests share living room, dining room and bathroom. They provide continental breakfast and it is included in the room charge.
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    If your looking for a plcae that is centralized and is near or not to far from all the main attractions of the island, Tumon is the place to stay. Tumon has mostly expensive hotels
    that service people with a high-budget but there are some hotels that are fairly cheap such

    - Guam Reef Hotel: $88.88 a night ( As of July 2007 )
    Telephone: 671-646-6881

    - Ohana Bayview Guam: $89.00 a night ( As of July 2007 )
    Telephone: 671-646-2300

    - Holiday Plaza Guam: $79.00 a night ( As of July 07 )
    Telephone: 671-649-8001

    - Guam Plaza Hotel: $89.00 a night ( As of April 07 )
    Telephone: 671-646-7803

    - Grand Plaza Hotel: $75.00 a night ( As of Jul 07 )
    Telephone: 671- 647-0630
    *Note: They charge a little more for breakfeat and other ammenties.

    Be thankful I did this, I went through alot of work.
    If any of you want to know about the luxury hotel or middle-priced
    hotels, email me at

    Or if you would like to know the websites of these hotels, email me as well.

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