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Discussion in 'Guam' started by bizda, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. bizda

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    Hi, we are an aged couple with little about Guam Tourism. Is it a suitable place for the aged to visit or will moving around be too cumbersome for us? We have been looking on Guam Tourism in the internet and we found nothing. Have you been there, please help?
  2. itravler

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    Guam, a tropical paradise offers excellent historical landmarks and numerous sights of interest for everyone. Our Guam trip in last March was fabulous with my children and my parents. My children preferred more time to spend in water and they enjoyed the Gun Beach very much. We were staying in a hotel on Tumon Bay, which was very close to the attractions that include DFS Galleria, Underwater World, Game Works, The Sandcastle, The Globe, Tumon Sands Plaza, and Pleasure Island. My parents were happy to spend in historic monuments and museums and relaxed in the tropical beaches and explored the waterfalls. The best time of year to visit Guam is from January until May. During rainy season, there will be 80 inches of rain, so keep that in mind and plan your trip in dry season. Enjoy your time in Guam!
  3. totalrequest

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    There is not that much rain in Guam during rainy season, im a local.
  4. totalrequest

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    It is a very easy place to get around, the people are very friendly and the only thing you have to get if your traveling on Guam is a car, map, and a hotel room.
  5. wanderer

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    It might be nice to consult a tour operator or seasoned travel agent (they do still exist) and ask about how to get around. They can help you plan a trip that is more reasonable than kayaking and cliff diving. Many places have trams and limited stairs that allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sights and the attractions. You also could call some of the Guam hotels and see what they have to say. I bet they could answer your questions.

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