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    I'm always interested in learning about the local cuisine. Guatemala has many of the same tastes as Mexico--lots of peppers, chicken, maize, pumpkin. Fresh food is always important, and many of the dishes take basic foods and make them spectacular. The diningscene in Guatemala is wrapped around lunch, which is considered the main meal of the day.
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    where to eat in Guatemala

    For the best and true Guatemala cuisine, I would hands down recommend going into the basement level of the Mercado Central. There, you will find numerous little counters and food vendors selling all kinds of typical goodness. Be sure to try some tamalitos de chipilin and fridas.
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    you will find many restaurants offering all kinds of cuisines like Chinese, French, Argentinian, Japanese, Mexican, etc. Street vendors also sell local delicacies, though many tourists there will tell you not to eat anything prepared in the street. I'd say go ahead and eat cos you only live once!

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