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Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by Xmas1920, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Xmas1920

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    During our trip to Guatemala, we would like to do a few tours..what kind of Guatemala tours can i expect in Guatemala? any ideas?
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    There are a myriad of Guatemala tours to choose from. You can choose from:

    - Jungle tours

    - A cruise along the Dulce River near Santo Tomas de Castilla

    - A blown-glass factory tour near Quetzaltenango.

    - Biking and hiking the Guatemalan highlands

    - Exploring Guatemalan markets and Mayan ruins tours.

    The options are seemingly endless when it comes to Guatemala tours. You can even find Guatemalan tours to Oaxaca, Mexico if you should want to cross borders.
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    We used an agency in Antigua and they were excellent. let me know if you want their details.

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