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    if you are planning to travel to Guatemala, you'll be glad to know that you can do everything on your own while keeping on the tourist trail. Budget for around $50 a day and that will include a decent stay at a lodge and food. Places to you must visit include Copan town which has cool ruins, Tikal San Ignacio, Belize and taking a jungle trip from Rio Dulce to Livingston.
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    Guatemala City is cheap but you need to avoid the tourist hotspots and head to the market vendors and hostels for cheap food. Try to venture out from the city and head out to nearby towns like Ciudad Vieja. You can catch a chicken bus for about 30 cents each way. Take also a trip to Volcan Fuego but best you arrange this one locally with a tour guide.
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    There's many ruins to look at in Antigua such as Santa Clara, Capuchinas, La Merced, Santo Domingo, San Francisco, El Carmen and El Calvario.

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