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    Ha long bay in Vietnam is one of the most amazing place for tours and holidays in Vietnam. Bluebell Tours Vietnam offers luxury cruising tours in ha long bay. Travelers will be cruising in luxury boats and junks in ha long bay. Ha long bay bay tours allow travelers visit limestone caves in ha long bay. Ha long bay tours also let travelers visit fishing villages in ha long bay. Ha Long Bay tours also let travelers enjoy swimming in ha long bay. Ha long bay tours also allow traveler enjoy kayaking tours in ha long bay

    Bluebell Tours Vietnam offers travelers luxury cruising tours in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Bluebell Tours offers tours to Ha Long Bay in 1 to 3 days. With our tours to Ha Long Bay, travelers will cruise on luxury boats in ha long bay. Our ha long bay tours also treat travelers delicious seafood meals on board. Our ha long bay tours allow travelers explore the most amazing travel destination of Vietnam. our ha long bay tours also offer travelers great kayaking tours in ha long bay. Bluebell Tours Vietnam
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    I've heard that Ha Long Bay is a wonderful place for a tour with the scenery and the boat tours. Did you know that the area has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its right biodiversity and cultural history. Ha Long Bay takes its name from an ancient legend about a dragon. Pretty cool.
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    Ha Long Bay is a New Seven Wonders of Nature

    I was told by our guide that Ha Long Bay literally translates to "descending dragon bay". According to the guide, the name originates from a local legend that tells of a family of dragons that protected the bay blocking invaders trying to coming into Vietnam. I think there was more to the story but it went along those lines. Dragons or not, when you look at all the limestonekarsts and isles surrounding the bay, you can see how invaders would've had difficult to invade the country through it.
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    how much for a Ha Long Bay tour

    Sailing Halong Bay on a junk boat for 2-3 days is one of the must do's in Vietnam, though be wary of dodgy operators because some tend to charge an arm and a leg to tourists. Dont be deceived by their price tag...expensive doesn't equal legitimate business or mean best experience. You can get basic 1 day Ha Long Bay trips for as little as $20 per person during off-season, but $40-$60 is the norm. Anymore than that and you may be getting ripped-off.
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    Halong Bay is the stuff of myths and naturally the Vietnamese have concocted one. Halong translates as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. Legend has it that the islands of Halong Bay were created by a great dragon that lived in the mountains.

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