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Discussion in 'Estonia' started by venuspol, Apr 7, 2010.

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    hello people, this summer we wanted to enjoy a trip to Estonia and we are opting for a vacation in Haapsalu rather than Tallinn. However, we wanted to explore Tallinn too...my question is, how far is Haapsalu from Tallinn and is there good transport links between these two cities?

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    hi there,

    Haapsalu Estonia has very good connections and can be reached by bus or ferry. In fact, Haapsalu is only an hour and a half by bus from Tallinn.

    Also, there are more than fifteen daily buses connecting Tallinn and Haapsalu, and from the seaside resort, it is possible to reach other destinations along the coast.

    If you opt to catch a ferry, ferries arrive in a town near Haapsalu, called Rohukula, and connect the town to other popular destinations including Hiiumaa and Vormsi.

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