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Discussion in 'Turkey' started by sas1, Jul 10, 2008.

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    hi there, I am considering a trip to Turkey and likely to visit Hagia Sophia which is in Istanbul. I always like to visit churches worldwide, so that's the purpose i'm visiting Hagia Sophia while i'm in Turkey. I'm going to take 2 weeks Turkey tour along this visit. so please suggest how to get into Hagia Sophia from Istanbul airport?
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    hello, from Istanbul airport you can easily go to all Turkish destinations near Istanbul including Beyoglu, Taksim, Eyup, Ortakoy and even Hagia Sophia. Bodtur travel, one of the travel agents in Istanbul make all arrangements perfectly for you. Just call them on +90-232-421 8002 or +90-232-464 5071 and get more details. If you want you can take up a tour with them and explore all the places of Turkey. good luck.
  3. Andrew

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    hi, we have booked a hotel in Istanbul and when we arrived to Istanbul, a vehicle from the hotel picked us from the airport to their hotel. And at 9AM, we started our day trip and first we went to Hagia Sophia church, the place for world's most important architectural monuments.

    Hagia Sophia is the most popular attraction of Turkey due to its architecture and art. The dome of this church is very huge and rises 64 meters above the floor & 32 meters wide. Later this church was converted as a mosque and now it's a museum of Istanbul. We didn't spend much time here, but you make sure take a full day and explore everything here.

    And if you find time, visit Topkapi Palace as well, it is one of famous palaces of Istanbul and the world's largest and oldest palace. So take an opportunity to visit this palace and have a nice time!
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    Museum price are very high.Is better to book a city tour from hotel or from transfer company......

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