half board vs full board vs all inclusive

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by vortiz, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. vortiz

    vortiz New Member

    Hi all, we're looking at a holiday in Europe this summer for the first time and I need some input regarding all inclusive and half board..what's the difference? which one is best?
  2. juanm

    juanm New Member

    go for all inclusive package

    Most resorts in Europe, particularly along the Mediterranean offer other options besides the traditional all-inclusive option. Half board usually means that accommodation, breakfast and dinner is included; whereas with Full board you the get accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    With an all inclusive package you get all meals, snacks and fizzy drinks, though some make include alcoholic drinks also. If your on a tight budget and traveling with kids, I'd still go for all inclusive package as it will take the hassle out of budgeting for meals, drinks, etc.
  3. 56jiop

    56jiop New Member

    best to go with a 5* all inclusive

    I personally dont know the difference between half and full board, but I can tell you though that if you're staying in places like Turkey, Egypt, etc it's best you go with an all inclusive package as you get everything paid for in terms of lunches, dinners and drinks.

    I suggest going with a 5* all inclusive or a 3* the very least. Anything less and you could spend your entire holiday in your hotel bathroom, though even if you went 3* you're looking at way more than $500pp depending on where and when you go.
  4. aiming56

    aiming56 New Member

    half board and full board is nonsense

    full board is your standard 3 meals which includes drinks with breakfast and also after you lunch and tea. I would also go for an all inclusive package rather than full/half board nonsense. I doubt if full/half board is worth it, plus if you have kids having all your drinks included is great as you wont have to worry about spending money. So, I say go an all inclusive and then if you run out of money when you are there at least you won't starve.
  5. fitter4

    fitter4 New Member

    all inclusives are good value for money

    I have to agree that all inclusive hotels are the vacation abroad with kids. I found all inclusives to be good value for money. Kids will be able to eat and drink as many ice creams and drinks without bothering you which they could do all day.

    Having said this, if you're going for an all Inclusive package, do read the small print and know what exactly is included in the deal. Also read the review sites about the particular all inclusive resort you plan to book to find out the quality of the food, etc.
  6. advent34

    advent34 New Member

    half board or full board?

    I love all inclusives but I found them only useful when traveling with kids. When traveling with hubby we normally go for half-board or full-board depending on where the hotel we choose is located. If there are lots of bars and restaurants nearby we'd book half-board because we prefer to eat out rather than having to eat a meal at the hotel.

    I think that is the reason most people book half-board for that reason...if you think about it, why should you feel obligated to return from wherever you might be just to have a mid-day meal ??
  7. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I rather like the half board, because I enjoy visiting the local restaurants and seeing what's going on there.
  8. lobalsdf

    lobalsdf New Member

    all inclusive is normally best

    The best way ti know which one will be best for you is to ask yourself one thing: do I like to eat and drink a fair bit on holiday? if so, then all inclusive is the one for you, though once you settle on an all inclusive resort, always check what the restrictions are before you book with them because some allow you to eat in other restaurants with a discount.

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