Halong Bay cruises

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by wanderer, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Has anyone taken any of the cruises along Halong Bay? It looks like you have a lot of options for the cruises and there are a lot of companies out there. I just love the romantic look of the boats....very traditional. So what would you say for Halong Bay cruises?
  2. KipperFG

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    Halong Bay cruise companies

    there are plenty of options such as Vega Tours and Columbus Cruises and Pinta Gold all of which are mid-range cruise that offers 3 day/ 2 night cruise for around $100.
  3. weakende

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    booking a Halong Bay cruise

    don’t plan a cruise of Halong Bay without seriously doing your homework because there are endless tour scams to be found. When booking cruises of Halong Bay, you need to be aware of the different types of tours and how much you should expect to pay:

    1)cheap 2-day party tours available for as low as $28.
    2)Budget tours of Halong Bay from $45 (2-day tour), to $75 (3-day tour)
    3)Luxury tours from $85 (or 2-day tour), to $130 (3-day tour).
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    wait until you get to Hanoi

    i have taken the cruise before and my advice is to wait until you get to Hanoi before booking the cruise. That way you, you get to talk to all operators and see what their boats actually look like. Remember that most cruise operators offer the same thing...the only difference is the boat and the food!

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