handy tips for best time ever in Grand Cayman

Discussion in 'Cayman Islands' started by paezrosa, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. paezrosa

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    Going to Grand Cayman for the first time? here are some tips/suggestions for the first time traveler:

    1) Visit to Sandbar or Stingray City..it'll be a memorable experience.
    2) Stay 15 nights there if you can take a longer vacation because time really flies.
    3) Take a stroll along Camana Bay and go to the top of the Observation Tower there for the amazing 360 view of the island (it's free)
    4) Take a bioluminescent tour
    5) Bring a credit card that doesn't charge foreign currency or exchange fees

  2. springbloom1

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    I would add that Grand Cayman is not a cheap place to vacation. Buying food and alcohol from the grocery shops is not cheap because of the exchange rate which is about 25%. Food and alcohol is basically twice what you would pay in the USA plus the 25% exchange i just mentioned. My best tip is to buy your alcohol at the duty free before leaving.
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    I have been to the Cayman Islands and I can tell you that Cayman Brac has a lot less tourist infrastructure than Grand Cayman, which I feel has become way too over developed. Still, Grand Cayman offers plenty of diving and dining options. If you can stay in an oceanfront condo on Seven Mile Beach for the views.

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