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    As I travel frequently to Bolivia I get asked many questions from friends and other people. I love Bolivia to bits and I know anyone going there will love it too. Okay, so here it's what you need to know:

    1) Best place to acclimatize yourself is La Paz so arrive there if possible.
    2) A Yellow fever shot is not longer a requirement
    3) For long bus trips, choose to ride in a "bus Cama" (buses with beds)
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    direct flight from miami to santa cruz bolivia

    Great tips vantry!

    I would add to this that the Spanish airline carrier AirEuropa will scheduling a couple of weekly flights from London Gatwick to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) with stop over in Madrid. By the way, you can also get a direct flight from Miami to Santa Cruz Bolivia. AeroSur, American Airlines and North American Airlines offer this service.

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    when to go to Bolivia

    what time of the year you travel to Bolivia is too very important. Go in the Spring (September thru November) because weather is not too cold, you get more sunshine and very little rain. Also, remember that the high altitude will affect one way or another even when arriving to La Paz so drink plenty of water, eat and sleep, and take Altivit tablets to help acclimatize yourself.
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    Bolivia is fairly inexpensive but you will save the most when traveling in a group or joining in a group tour. The most expensive attractions in Bolivia will be rafting, trekking/ jungle tours, etc..you can expect to pay around 225 US dollars for a typical trekking tour. Also, catch the bus as much as you can..they're dirt cheap!

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