handy tips when traveling to Zimbabwe

Discussion in 'Zimbabwe' started by bongoDas, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. bongoDas

    bongoDas New Member

    I've been several times to Zimbabwe on vacation and would like to give fellow travelers some tips I picked up in my travels there. The US Dollar is king over there but make sure you carry as much cash because withdrawing cash from an ATM incurs huge fees. The main airports there are Harare International Airport and Victoria Falls International Airport.
  2. Calposkie

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    Forget about the dollar..best you carry Euros, British pounds, South African rands, or Botswana pulas. US dollars aren't all that valuable in Africa like they used to. Saying this, you can still withdraw US dollars if you wish to from the ATMs in Harare and Bulawayo...they charge $1.25 per transaction plus the charge from your local bank which can be up to 4%.


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