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Discussion in 'West Virginia' started by DavieBrown, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Planning for a weekend trip with my group of friends (may be around 8) to Harpers Ferry and looking for waterfront camping. I'd welcome any suggestions on places to camp near river, waterfalls etc.... Thanks in advance.
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    I had a good waterfront camping on the Potomac River in Harpers Ferry in last June. Booked through River Riders, stayed in river front cabin which offered AC & heater facilities and a bathroom. They also have tent sites, RV camping and vacation rental homes too to rent. You can rent the Battlefields Inn which sleeps up to 12. You can choose from a variety of campgrounds at Harpers Ferry and enjoy rafting, tubing and all other outdoor camping activities.

    HI Harpers Ferry hostel is also located on a hill above the C&O Canal Rail Trail and Potomac River. They offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi and arrange Tubing, kayaking as well as wine tastings and history tours. Visit Harpers Ferry Hotels page too for more details.

    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is one of the best walking parks of West Virginia and has about 20 miles of hiking trails. Visit this park too and have great fun with your friends.

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