Has the travel warning been lifted?

Discussion in 'Lebanon' started by mitraveler, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    Does anyone know if the state department has lifted the travel warning for Lebanon? I know that things are different than a year ago. It looks like the state department warning is from 2010.
  2. wantJok

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    travel to Lebanon

    the travel warning was still present for Lebanon since 2010 for no reason and now with the unrest in Syria, a new travel warning has been issued there. The warning is only a travel advisory (because there's no conflict there) but it is still harming Lebanon's economy and its institutions of tourism - hotels and restaurants - which were already under pressure. I wish they'd stop issuing this annoying travel warnings so random like this.
  3. henrix

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    best to avoid the mid east

    I have just checked the state.gov site and according to them, the reason they're issuing the travel warning to Lebanon is because of "anti-US outrage in the Middle East", and "spate of recent kidnappings of foreigners in the country". Of course, what they're really telling us that their policy of meddling in the mid-east is backfiring, and now us american citizens will be left to suffer the consequence for resentment towards us:(
  4. wanderer

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    It's hard to know... certainly Syria is a lot less safe that Lebanon, but you never know where violence could prop up in the Middle East. It's possible that you could enjoy a whole vacation without incident, but you just don't know.

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