Havana restaurants smoke free?

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by wanderer, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Many of the Havana restaurants are asking the smokers to take it outside....the iconic cigars are not as accepted as they once were. What do you think? Should you be able to smoke in Havana ?
  2. WorldWER

    WorldWER New Member

    no smoking ban in Old Havana area restaurants

    yes, this is happening mostly in the Old Havana area..the restaurants there are quietly going smoke-free. apparently, the reason behind this move is to improve the culinary experience and safeguard the health of both diners and employees...sorry cigar aficionados, it looks like you've been capped-off!
  3. radiotulip

    radiotulip New Member

    Cuban jazz without a cigar — not so good

    dont think a smoking ban will go down welll...Cuba is a country of smokers and a country with an important tobacco tradition so I dont see how they want to change smoking habits that form part of their roots. To me, Cuban jazz without a cigar — not so good!
  4. dermaprem

    dermaprem New Member

    Cuba smoking ban since 2005

    this smoking ban is being going on since 2005...Castro himself even gave up smoking to safeguard his health and he loved his Cohiba cigars. Still, I am all for smoking bans across the world...I don't smoke and I don't see why other people's smoke should harm my health!

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