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    hi guys, im trying to get some info on Hawa Mahal and where in India it's located? Also, does anyone know why this palace is called the Palace of the Winds?
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    hi there,

    Hawa Mahal is located in Jaipur and it is known as the Palace of the Winds because of the design of the building allows wind to navigate through the palace's rooms cooling down the palace.

    The Hawa Mahal was constructed from red and pink landscape and it exhibits a startling and simply beautiful crimson hue that's shared by many of the buildings in the area.

    You can visit the palace and get access to these windows and the views they provide as they are frankly astounding.
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    The face of the Hawa Mahal is simply stunning, isn't it? It's nearly 1000 windows let in the breeze, hence the name, "Palace of the Winds." I think that "mahal" means house or maison in Arabic, but I'm not sure I'm right about that.


    Photo: Ziaur Rahman

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