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  1. Hi there
    I am going to Las vegas in November to celebrate my silver wedding anniversary, and am intending to go on a helicopter trip to The Grand canyon. Can anyone help by advising me which is the best one to do - not necessarily the cheapest - but best value for money for a half day trip. I cannot do much walking as I am a wheelchair user. Also is it better to book it online from UK or book it when in Las Vegas?
    I would also like to book a strech limo from the airport to the Luxor - can anyone tell me which is the best company (there will be 4 adults)
    Thank you in advance for any assistance.
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    I would like to suggest a tour from Maverick Helicopters, called the Wind Dancer. It was a 3 to 4 hour tour and wonderful. The pilots are great and the service was wonderful. Plus, the Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring. They really know how to make the adventure a memory.

    I do have a fear of heights so I was a bit worried about the flight but it went well and worth going. I would certainly look into Maverick.

    Hope it helps and that you enjoy your vacation in the city I love VEGAS BABY!!!
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    Were you able to make plans for your wedding anniversary? Just wondering.
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    I have gone on a helicopter ride on the Strip. I have been up and down the Strip 1 billion times in my life and the helicopter ride had the best few of the Strip I have EVER seen. We took off and circled the Strip a few times, going parallel with the Strip but on both the East and West sides of the Las Vegas Strip. It was night time and the lights were amazing!
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    We did the helicopter ride to the canyon when we were there last. Being a bit lazy we took the lunch time trip, in hind sight I should have gone as early in the morning or late in the evening as possible. Photography wise, mid-day just isn't the right time to do the canyon any justice.

    Plus the strip would look much cooler at night from the sky.

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