Helmsley Hotel New York City

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by mitraveler, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Manhattan hotel rooms are pretty tiny, just like the apartments, but this isn't the case with its newest hotel. The Helmsley Hotel New York City has transitioned. After a $76 million makeover, it's now the Westin New York Grand Central. It's only the second Westin property in Manhattan and made-over the historic property best known for its connection to New York legend (and famous crank) Leona Helmsley .
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    Unfortunetly, the Helmsley hotel needed a make-over since the 1980's decor was really pushing away customers, though I never had a problem with the decor. I thought it gave the hotel character, especially when you learn that the owner Leona Helmsley (a hatmaker's daughter) built it.

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