Help needed on accomodation between Yosemite and Williams Arizona

Discussion in 'California' started by triplets, May 18, 2007.

  1. triplets

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    Hi all,
    I posted a while back about our big road trip this August, we are in England. We have 9yr old triplets so looking to keep everyone happy! So far this is our trip
    2 nights in San Fran
    4 nights in Modesto(pen-pal)
    5 nights in Yosemite
    2 nights???
    2 nights Williams Arizona(take train to canyon)
    6 nights in Sedona
    2 nights in Palm Desert
    4 nights in Anaheim

    So my problem is the bit between Yosemite and Williams, we have 2 nights to find.
    Husband wants to go Death Valley/Vegas
    I am just woorried about the intense heat in D Valley
    All accomodation in D Valley already fuly booked, Furnave Creek etc.
    We have booked everything else and really pleased with what we have booked. Please do you have any ideas, alternate routes, something to interest the kids, nice resort with good pools etc? Thanks!
  2. indfan

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    Hi, you need not worry about your accommodation, since Yosemite National Park has cheap hotel deals and reliable accommodation. Cedar Lodge, Yosemite View Lodge, Comfort Inn Oakhurst are some of the good hotels in Yosemite. Located in east central California, Yosemite National Park is a great holiday destination with plenty of natural beauties to enjoy. Having lot of activities in the park including hiking, biking, rafting, mountain climbing, canoeing, skiing and camping, this is a perfect place for adventure with kids. You can find cheap car rental California to go around the place and enjoy. It is of course a must-see place.

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