Helsinki in June

Discussion in 'Finland' started by feendie67, May 11, 2011.

  1. feendie67

    feendie67 New Member

    what's Helsinki like in in June and what is there to do there?? i will be there for 3 full days and a half day.

  2. Ruby

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    Helsinki in June is great! In fact, you couldn't come here in a better time of the year as the weather will be nice.

    Things to do in Helsinki are aplenty and I suggest booking a sightseeing tour by boat from the Market Square right in the centre of the city. The Market Square itself is also a nice place to visit .

    Also leaving from the same place are ferries to the Suomenlinna fortress island which is about 15 minutes by boat. The island is listed as one of UNESCO's world heritage objects. If the weather is nice bring a picnic basket with you.

    You might also consider doing a day trip to Porvoo - a nice small town 30 minutes from Helsinki. Or how about a visit to Tallinn, Estonia instead?

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