hiking/driving Mt Shasta

Discussion in 'California' started by telefunkunk, Dec 29, 2014.

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    You cannot longer hike Mr Shasta without a permit. You have to self-register at the trailhead and pay $20 if you want to summit. Luckily, you can pitch tent at the various trailheads for free. If you don't wanna hike, you can drive to the trailhead from I-5. Just south of Mount Shasta take highway 89 east to the town of McCloud and then turn left into Pilgrim Creek road (road #13). After 4 miles, turn left onto Widow Springs Rd and follow signs for "Clear Creek Trailhead", which takes you to the southeast face of Mount Shasta.
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    hike to the top of Mt Whitney

    I have yet to hike Mt Shasta, but I have taken the hike to the top of Mt Whitney several times. Mt Whitney should be on every hiker's lifetime list of things to do. Ascending Mr Whitney is a tremendous experience and one that I would highly recommend because Mt Whitney has one of the best maintained trails in all the Sierra Nevada. I would rate Mt Whitney as one of the easiest California peaks to hike.

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