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Discussion in 'Finland' started by littlerunaway, Jun 20, 2011.

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    hey everybody.
    I have 2 weeks holiday from work this October and I really want to go and do some hiking in Finland (I live in Israel, would love to escape the heat). what I would like to do is several 2-3 days hikes to see some nature, lakes and great views.
    from what I've read so far Finland has about 35 national parks, which is great. the thing is, it seems that I have to carry everything with me, sleeping gear, food/cooking gear etc. and I really don't want to do that.
    what kind of facilities are available at the national parks along the trails? I'm looking for a place to sleep (I can skip a few showers if I have to) and to buy some food (nothing fancy). is that possible, or do I have to bring everything with me?
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    best national parks in Finland

    For 2-3 day hikes it is a good idea to prepare yourself for the experience so, you'll no doubt need a good map and a good pair of hiking boots.

    You don't need to carry a lot of gear if light hiking is all you plan to do, but if you're planning to hike for longer than 3 days I'd recommend you hire an expert guide.

    Syote National Park and Nuuksio National Park are two of the best national parks in Finland as they can be easily reached by bus from both Helsinki and Espoo. These national parks have camping facilities as well as lodges with cooking areas so you don't have to carry sleeping and cooking gear
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    aren't the trails marked? I don't want to do some rough complicated trekking. I was hoping for clearly marked trails.
    I understand that there are lodges of some kind, but do they exist in all national parks or just in some of them? and about the food thing, I don't want to do any cooking myself, at all. is it still possible to get some kind of food insode the national parks? or do I have to carry a 3days food suplies with me?
    I really want to get further north from Helsinki, all the way to Lapland. any facilities there, or camping and cooking my own is the only option?

    thanx for your replies, I really aprecciate it.

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