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Discussion in 'Iowa' started by stevepalina, Apr 17, 2009.

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    i'm wondering if anyone has hiked in Iowa? im looking for some input and places where you hiked please?
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    Hi there,

    The Desoto Wildlife Refuge is an excellent place to enjoy some hiking and you can follow trails into the woods and see the amazing waterfowl assembled there. In particular, the Missouri Meander Trail is one of the places to hike in Iowa which has access for the disabled.

    Alternatively, you can opt for State parks such as outside Cedar Rapids. The Palisades-Kepler State Park is a great example and draws so many visitors because of the beautiful array of river bluffs, wildflowers, and wildlife.

    If you enjoy hiking, you might be interested in the six miles of trails connecting the Maquoketa Caves. It follows a restored prairie and includes a natural bridge towering over the Raccoon Creek where you can enjoy spectacular views.

    Hope this helps

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