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    During our trip to Morocco we'd love to explore the natural sights of the country so we'd love to do some hiking in Morocco or a trekking trip of some sort..we're not very experienced trekkers so where would you recommend going for us?
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    hi there,

    Morocco trekking tours of all kinds can be arranged once you get to Morocco, and no matter where you book a Morocco hiking tour, you're gonna love it here.

    Since you want to take it easy, head to the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains where the scent of the cedar trees is lovely, and if you're lucky, you might spot some of the indigenous Barbary macaque monkeys.

    Hiking along foot of Jebel Toubkal mountain is another possibility, although you should stay clear of climbing to the top as it will prove a bit more challenging. Do bear in mind that the hike to the top is long and relatively grueling, and altitude sickness can be an issue.

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