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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by toholdme, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. toholdme

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    is Portugal a popular place to hike? any particular parts of Portugal worth exploring on hiking trips?
  2. Danny

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    Hiking in Portugal is a great, though I wouldn't say that the Portuguese love hiking trips as much as we Americans do. In fact, you'll find in most places a lack of shopping opportunities for equipment such as camping gear, walking boots and dried food which are hard to find.

    So make sure to go prepared and buy things like maps before you come since most maps over there are out of date and there is little to no trail maintenance.

    When it comes to hiking areas of regions in Portugal, the Algarve region is king. You can explore the countryside by foot in places like the Serra de Monchique which provides a multitude of hiking trips in Portugal as well as some great bird watching.
  3. AgnesRiley

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    Portugal has great weather year round and a beautiful countryside, so yeah, I'd totally consider it a great country for hiking. I would skip the Algarve for it, tbh. The Algarve is great if you're planning a beach trip, but otherwise it's overhyped, overpriced and overcrowded, specially during the summer months. The Alentejo has gorgeous countryside and lovely spots for hiking - and the food is amazing! The Peneda-Gerês National Park in the north of the country is also a great place for hiking. If you're in the centre of the country, Sintra is also a brilliant place for it.

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