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    Martinique is a superb spot for hiking and a great way to explore the island. A couple of hikes worth doing are the Canal of the Slaves hike, which is 2.5 miles long and follows the course of an irrigation canal built by slaves around 18th century. Another hike is the one connecting the northern towns of Prêcheur and Grand-Rivière. This hike takes you along the base of Mount Pelée and past the ruins of Habitation Fond-Moulin, an old sugar factory long-abandoned.
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    Mont-Pelée ‘s ascent

    From the beach at Le Carbet you can see the magnificent Mont-Pelée, which can only be climbed on three trails L'Aileron, La Grande Savane and North Face/Morne Macouba. Out of the three, La Grande Savane offers probably the nicest views on the way up.
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    La Grande Savane trail takes about two hours so it's one of the shortest hike to the top of Mount Pelee. The L’Aileron hike takes 4 hours and it's quite challenging as it goes past old craters and and hardened lava terrain. Weather can also be an an issue as it tends to be very foggy.

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