Hiking Pico Duarte

Discussion in 'Dominican Republic' started by wanderer, Oct 9, 2011.

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    You don't have to be a super fit hiker to spend time on Pico Durate. At 10,000 feet, it's the highest peak in the Caribbean. Many of the trails are gently sloped and well kept, so you can do some climbing without taking a huge risk.

    You do need to know that it can be cold up in the mountain, which is unexpected in a Caribbean county.
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    climbing Pico Duarte

    Yep, Pico Duarte is the tallest mountain in the Antillean region of Dom Rep, and Dominicans would proudly tell you this. Locals tend to climb Pico Duarte mostly during the months of January and February, and although you can climb it anytime of the year the trek is quite challenging with rocky terrain along the way. the reason most people say is easy to do is because the distance to Pico Duarte can be done in stages and over several days. Either way, at the end of it you are rewarded by breathtaking views.

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