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Discussion in 'Kenya' started by Bonnys, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Bonnys

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    Best way to get around and see Nairobi, aside from booking a guided tour is hiring a taxi. I did this with my wife while in Nairobi before doing our safari trip. if you're wondering how much to hire a taxi for day, you're looking at around $90, though make sure you exchange your dollars or pounds into Kenyan shillings,

    1 US Dollar = 84 Kenyan Shilling
  2. Qatarina

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    The daily rate for taxi hire in Nairobi is around $60 (Ksh5000) so $90 is way above the going rate. Whichever price you pay, taxis will take around most attractions of Nairobi like the Giraffe Centre, Sheldrick Elephant orphanage, Bomas of Kenya, etc ; Some even may take you to the Kibera Slum, but why would anyone want to go there it's somebody else's guess.
  3. feendie67

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    The easiest way to get around Nairobi is to hop in a taxi, but the funnest way to see the city is on a matatu (mini-bus). Locals use matatus all the time to move from one town to the other and many tourists get on them. The experience of being on a matatu is memorable because they're painted in crazy colors. Rides usually cost 30 KES (30 cents), which makes them really, really cheap.
  4. lalmas23

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    Yes, $80 sounds about right to hire a taxi driver. You could also email a cab company like JimCab, JATCO or Express Travel (the latter is a travel agency but does transfers and tours in Kenya) for a quote.

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