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  1. morgan slusar

    morgan slusar New Member

    Do we still hitch hike in Canada? Whats the laws and likely hood a guy would get picked up going from Vancouver to Calgary?

    How long does that take?
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Yes, you can still do hitchhiking in Canada. It is illegal in some areas, so before trying ask locals whether the area is permitted. Normally in summer there are lots of hitchhikers on the road between Vancouver and Calgary. Whether it is legal or not people do it on major highways and seem to be successful, I think it is a great way to have some fun.
    Even though hitchhiking is a cheapest way of traveling but you should be very careful on it. First make sure you know the right gestures used locally to stop a car. Not only thumps up is used to stop a car, so try to learn some other gestures. Second thing is wear bright cloths, so that the drivers can notice you. And always note the vehicle model, color and registration number before you take ride. Finally choose a car with a single occupant, so that you can be relaxed. One more thing, keep your bag in easy reach. I think the distance between Vancouver and Calgary is 975 kilometers. So enjoy your hitchhike with more safe.

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