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Discussion in 'Flights' started by krainey, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. krainey

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    Anyone who's flown during the holiday season knows how tricky it can be to get good deals on airfare, but we have a few holiday flight tips from that can help you save on your tickets.

    A few top tips:
    *Statistically, the best time to book domestic travel for Christmas is the first week in December through December 10, when tickets are 6% less than average.
    *The cheapest days to fly are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or on December 27 (Tuesday) and December 29 (Thursday).
    *The cheapest round-trip flights for New Years depart on December 31 and return on or after Tuesday, January 3, meaning after the legal holiday for New Years Day, which is on Monday, January 2.

    See the attached graphic for the full list of tips.

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  2. gaurav467

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    Listen to Announcements I know you would love to catch up on calls or crank up your iPod while killing time but I suggest that at least one person in your party pay attention to the blathering announcements. Flights may board and depart early, gates may change, flights may be delayed or cancelled.
  3. rajbadak

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    booking flights over the holidays

    nice tips Krainey! There are definitely many good deals out there but people will have to really invest some time searching and comparing deals with booking engines such as the one you mentioned. I personally use and try different dates, multiple airports, and times to find the cheapest fare.

    No matter what you do once your plans have been decided on, it is best to book early. good luck
  4. kerryCatonaz

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    cheapest time to fly

    the cheapest days to fly in my opinion are Tuesday and Wednesday (half way through the week). If you book early in the morning flights should be cheapest but most US airlines have sales in Christmas and other holidays. Also, low cost airlines are some times cheaper if you buy a last minute ticket but i wouldn't leave it till the last minute personally.
  5. Alienarehere

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    avoid popular travel times

    I think avoiding flying during popular travel times like peak summer, thanksgiving, and Christmas is the best tip out there. No matter how you slice it, if you schedule your travel days staying clear of peak days and peak times, you will have a much better traveling experience.
  6. bonitaFlorida2

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    fly to north africa

    I find that non-European countries like Morocco, Tunisia, etc are much cheaper to fly than places like Spain or France. It's true that it's cheaper to fly to places both Spain and France but accomodation, food and tourist attractions are super expensive. Compare that to Morocco, you will be pleasantly surprise at hoe cheap things will be when you're there.
  7. mitraveler

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    From experience, I would say stay far, far, far away from the afternoon of New Year's Day. The airport is busy and everyone is cranky from partying the night before. :)
  8. brightsuntravel

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    I have some tips for Holiday flights to help you save. These tips are following:
    1. Be flexible
    2. Look past nonstops
    3. Fly, then drive
    4. Pick two airlines
    5. Search multiple sites
    6. Save on rooms, cars
  9. lusylaw

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    The most affordable days to fly in my view are Wednesday and Wed. If you book beginning in the beginning morning routes should be most affordable but most US air carriers have sales in Xmas and other vacations. Also, low cost air carriers are some times less expensive if you buy a last instant admission but i wouldn't keep it until the last instant individually.

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