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    I hear good things about the Holland America Cruise Line. can someone provide me with more information? What's the largest Holland America Cruise Line ship that that sails to the Baltic Sea?
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    hi there,

    Holland America Cruise Line are renown for excellent dining and quality of service found in luxury hotels. If you normally stay in luxury hotels, Holland America Cruise Line won't disappoint you as attention for detail is their signature style.

    The Noordam is the largest ship of Holland America that sails to the Baltic Sea and some of the usual stops include: St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tallin, Estonia.

    Hope this helps
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    The Holland America cruise line has all amenities and entertainment facilities.

    For the most part, cruise ships are fun places for you to vacation with your family or alone depending on what you are looking for. Making new friends is a large part of a cruise.

    While you should be sociable, you should also be cautious and not tell people too much about your finances, how much money you have aboard, and where you may be keeping money and valuables.

    Many thieves are very careful to only ask the right questions so as not to evoke suspicion, so be careful about what you say and what others may overhear.

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