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    One of the coolest parts of traveling is seeing animals in their natural habitats. Honduras is home to some pretty amazing animals, and a lot of travelers make sure to see them on driving tours. There are plenty of iguanas here, along with tapirs, manatees, and spider monkeys. Of course you can't talk about Honduras animals without mentioning the birds. With the macaws and toucans, it's a colorful lot of birds that call the country home.
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    visit Pico Bonito National Park

    to enjoy the wildlife of Honduras best, you need to go off-the-beaten-path as much as possible. the Lago Yojoa area and Pico Bonito National Park are great places to travel to experience Honduras wildlife and enjoy outdoor pursuits. Pico Bonito, in particular, has lots of good ecolodges for all budgets where you can stay and get close to nature. Best of all, these eco lodges offer wildlife tour opportunities for its visitors.
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    dont miss Honduras' iguanas

    Honduras is famous for its iguanas and while there, you gotta visit the island Utila to see them. Utila is home to a spiny tailed Iguana called “swamper†who lives in the Mangrove forests of the island. There's also the Roatan Iguana Farm on Roatan Island worth passing by. This farm has nearly 3000 iguanas roaming freely and best of all, you are allowed to feed them there.
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    animal watching at Macaw Mountain Bird Park

    If you want to see toucans, macaws, etc...One place I recommend going is the Macaw Mountain Bird Park (a mile outside of Copan), which houses beautiful colored macaws, toucans, and parrots from Honduras and all across Latin America. If i remember well, it costs around $10 but the entry fee is worth it for three days of visiting and included.

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