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    I'm visiting Honduras with my girlfriend and I was wondering if anyone's been before. Any suggestions on places to visit. What about good food places to eat?

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    Hi Sed,

    Anafre is a very popular snack you can order at the bar and it consists of a bean dip served with tortilla chips.

    For a good main course meal I would recommend the Comodore restaurant. They offer dishes consisting of of eggs, beans, sausage, and tortilla during the morning and offer beef, pork, rice, and tortilla during night.

    Be sure to order bottled water when eating out in a Honduras restaurants. Tap water is not generally safe to drink.

    Honduras is really an amazing place to go so make sure you visit the Mayan ruins at Copan, near the Guatemalan border; visit the Bay Islands, where you can do diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, etc;

    Hope this helps
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